When I founded Ainkas Jewels in 2012, I was a new momma working through the changes that woman experience as we adjusts to motherhood. It was during pregnancy where I dreamt up Ainkas. Since I was a little girl, it was always my aspiration to own a clothing store of my own. A space where women can feel beautiful, confident and empowered.

As I was struggling trying to balance motherhood, a full-time job, following my dreams with Ainkas & just life, I noticed that this fashionista was not so fashionable and the idea of accessorizing became daunting. I began making bracelet and necklace sets that looked great with everything and were easy for me to throw on and go.

It was this small adjustment that gave me a boost of confidence and helped me feel more put together. I removed the thinking out of my jewelry and just made my go-to sets that I could easily accessorize my outfits with.
This experience helped me connect with other women who shared similar lifestyles. I realized, women want to accessorize. We just need an easier way to make it happen. Thus the idea was birth; selling pre- layered/Pre-styled jewels while also offering pieces that are easy to layer. I know that women balance so much from living life on purpose, family, motherhood, career and more but, we desire to still feel confident, accessorized and fashionable.
I named my brand Ainkas because it’s an African word that means "a woman that stands out amongst the rest." It is our goal to take the thinking out of jewelry and accessorizing so that women can continue living life on purpose while feeling confident and fashionable everyday.

I am proud that everything about my brand embodies our purpose. You are a woman that stands out amongst the rest. We are, Ainkas Women.


Lamara Chenei