Meet the CEO




Heyyyy Ladies, 

I am so excited to that you are here and would like to welcome you to our community of women!  We love to inspire, encourage and live life in purpose while looking our best. I am Lamara Davis the CEO of Ainkas Jewels and I began Ainkas Jewels over 10 years ago as a college student in my dorm apartment with only a  dream and an eye for fashion.

In the beginning I was sleep on myself and my skills and didn’t take my dreams seriously. That all changed when I became a momma to an amazing young king named Kyan in 2013. It was at that moment I began to really desire to Ignite my dreams into a reality. Since then, I have been building a brand that represents the modern woman that is on the go and building a life on her own terms. 

Ainkas Jewels embodies chic and contemporary jewelry & clothing that is designed to be lived in. We love color, we love texture and also wearable jewelry for everyday style. I want you to always feel amazing when you rock Ainkas and encourage you to  mix your old with the new to create  your own signature look.

Welcome to our community girl! We hope you connect with us, feel inspired and we encourage you. We encourage you that whatever your dreams are, girl go for it! We know that you were created for greatness and that you have it in you so… with faith and prayer make it happen.


Lamara Chenei