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My Why ...

by Lamara Davis on May 12, 2022

My Why ...

What’s my Why?

I recently attended an amazing women’s conference and was asked  the question, “Why Ainkas Jewels?” The answer is simple, I believe we should do what we love, with people we love, while living out our passion.

But girl, let me tell you, arriving at that answer has been a journey, with plenty of hurdles, just like yours.

Women Evolve

My friends and I at the @womenevolve 2018 Conference

I am 31- year-old Aries ( Whoot Whoot, one time for my Aries sisters). I am the mother of an AMAZING five year-old named Kyan ( You’ve probably seen him on our Business page). Becoming a mom changed my life. My son is my gift from God.  He forced me to push into my purpose despite uncertainty and fear.


That's my big boy - Kyan

Prior to my son, I was working in corporate America and chasing paychecks and giving all my time and energy to a job. Let me say this, there is nothing wrong with working in corporate America if that is what you love, but I knew I wanted something different, something that ignited my purpose. Since middle school I dreamt of owning a clothing store and working in the fashion industry. In college I had a great job making great money but it required a huge commitment; my dream of Ainkas was shelved.

My life didn't change until I was 25 and pregnant, working at a job making around $70,000 a year and MISERABLE! I had no time for anyone or anything but WORK! I was always on the go and on the move and when I was home I was so tired I wasn't any good to anyone. It was then I began to question was that paycheck worth my mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health?

Six months into my pregnancy I left my stable job and declared to myself that I would never chase a check again. I wanted my time. I wanted to be whole, I wanted to be present, I wanted to be a full-time mom with a business that came second to my soon to arrive child. He deserved more than my leftovers, I deserved more than my leftovers.  My dreams and desires were now the main course of my life.

Three months before my son was born I gave birth to Ainkas Jewels. It was a moment of pride, my purpose was coming to life as a mom and entrepreneur.

First Ainkas Photo Shoot

Oct 2012 - First Photo shoot ( You can see the baby bump)

Dec 2012 - First Jewelry Party

Never in a million years could I have forecasted the challenges that would come next.

As the first year of being in business for myself full-time comes to a close, I am so thankful to my customers and want to let you in on who I am and Why Ainkas. I’ve sprinkled in some of my story as I’ve launched different pieces like The Whole Heart necklace, but now I’m ready to open up whole heartedly.

I certainly don’t want to overload you all at once, but I hope that this is a place where you can get to know me and we can grow together as dynamic women that never lose focus of our “why”.

I hope that I encourage and uplift you. You too, can do what you love, with people you love, and live out your passion. You are powerful and complete.

Until next time.




  • Kierstan
    Jul 27, 2018 at 14:37

    Wow, thank you for sharing this testimony about becoming a mom and entrepreneur! Your story is very encouraging and uplifting to truly believe and do what you love and live out your passion. When we embrace our creative passions and gifts, this is way better than chasing after a paycheck. With gratitude and admiration!


  • Sofina Adams
    Jul 27, 2018 at 14:37

    Thank you for sharing this! Many times we allow fear to stop us (hold us back) from pursing what God has birth within to soar (prosper)!!!

    This was a reminder to go forth. Be blessed.😇


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