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What’s my Why?

I recently attended an amazing women’s conference and was asked  the question, “Why Ainkas Jewels?” The answer is simple, I believe we should do what we love, with people we love, while living out our passion.

But girl, let me tell you, arriving at that answer has been a journey, with plenty of hurdles, just like yours.

Women Evolve

My friends and I at the @womenevolve 2018 Conference

I am 31- year-old Aries ( Whoot Whoot, one time for my Aries sisters). I am the mother of an AMAZING five year-old named Kyan ( You’ve probably seen him on our Business page). Becoming a mom changed my life. My son is my gift from God.  He forced me to push into my purpose despite uncertainty and fear.


That's my big boy - Kyan

Prior to my son, I was working in corporate America and chasing paychecks and giving all my time and energy to a job. Let me say this, there is nothing wrong with working in corporate America if that is what you love, but I knew I wanted something different, something that ignited my purpose. Since middle school I dreamt of owning a clothing store and working in the fashion industry. In college I had a great job making great money but it required a huge commitment; my dream of Ainkas was shelved.

My life didn't change until I was 25 and pregnant, working at a job making around $70,000 a year and MISERABLE! I had no time for anyone or anything but WORK! I was always on the go and on the move and when I was home I was so tired I wasn't any good to anyone. It was then I began to question was that paycheck worth my mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health?

Six months into my pregnancy I left my stable job and declared to myself that I would never chase a check again. I wanted my time. I wanted to be whole, I wanted to be present, I wanted to be a full-time mom with a business that came second to my soon to arrive child. He deserved more than my leftovers, I deserved more than my leftovers.  My dreams and desires were now the main course of my life.

Three months before my son was born I gave birth to Ainkas Jewels. It was a moment of pride, my purpose was coming to life as a mom and entrepreneur.

First Ainkas Photo Shoot

Oct 2012 - First Photo shoot ( You can see the baby bump)

Dec 2012 - First Jewelry Party

Never in a million years could I have forecasted the challenges that would come next.

As the first year of being in business for myself full-time comes to a close, I am so thankful to my customers and want to let you in on who I am and Why Ainkas. I’ve sprinkled in some of my story as I’ve launched different pieces like The Whole Heart necklace, but now I’m ready to open up whole heartedly.

I certainly don’t want to overload you all at once, but I hope that this is a place where you can get to know me and we can grow together as dynamic women that never lose focus of our “why”.

I hope that I encourage and uplift you. You too, can do what you love, with people you love, and live out your passion. You are powerful and complete.

Until next time.