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Do You Have Whole Heart ?

by Lamara Davis on May 12, 2022

Do You Have Whole Heart ?

This month we are debuting our Whole Heart Necklace which is a special piece that is near and dear to me. From 2015 - 2017 I was totally broken from a bad experience from a prior relationship. But, during that time I worked on me! Learning to love myself again from the inside out and working on repairing all the broken pieces was the best decision I've made for myself. I wanted to love again and I wanted to receive love in the healthiest and happiest form. In order to do that I had to make sure my heart was whole. This necklace represents the new me, the version of myself that has a whole heart and no longer allowing the damage of my past to dictate my future. I am operating with a #WHOLEheart .

I know many of my girls have gone through similar situations and to watch them all come back stronger and better is a beautiful thing. This necklace is for us girls! Lets Celebrate, it is a beautiful thing to have a #WHOLEheart.



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