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Behind the 18k

Lamara Davis

Posted on August 08 2018

Behind the 18k

Behind the 18k

Have you ever felt the pressure of Instagram? Girl, listen I can be honest, yes and yes, that’s a yes for both my personal account and my business account. When I was first introduced to the power of the platform for business I was working with two fly business savvy women who consistently rocked the latest trends. Not only did they seem to have it together in person but their pages reflected that.

During that time I felt like people only wanted to buy products from people who were on, those who oozed glamour and were always making moves, running in influential circles.

And girl, that was NOT ME.

I hate being in front of the camera and I certainly was not rocking the latest designer and didn’t feel like my social media persona was enough to attract and retain clients.  

It took me sometime but I eventually learned, people will love you for you. If they don’t, they’re just not for you and that’s ok too.

I had to be real, I was a young mompreneur. The truth was the designer bags I owned were apart of my life before my son (thankfully) the only new bag I could add was a diaper bag.

I struggled with being true to myself but, also attracting new clients in an authentic way. I was under so much pressure to keep up, to be appealing, and to stay relevant.

Lamara, the CEO of Ainkas Jewels and my products themselves were being clouded by the visions of other brands. I urgently needed to refocus.

I unfollowed every account that represented my competition. I didn’t want to be influenced by or compete with other businesses. I needed to find my own lane.

My strategy worked. I restored my love for my brand, and returned back to my why. My vision for Ainkas Jewels was once again clear. I found my rhythm and sank into my creativity. The style and the names of my products reflected me in an authentic and genuine way, chic, contemporary with a hint of fabulosity.

I realized people will love you for you so give them all of you. Give them a chance to fall head over heels in love with what makes you unique. I posted this recently from the Ainkas account -- You are a limited edition. There’s no one on this earth that has what you have to offer, so give them the truest you at all times.

As always I  hope that I have encouraged and uplifted you. Do what you love, with people you love, and live out your passion. You are powerful and complete.

XO Lamara

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