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A Whole Heart 2.0 :: Valentines 2023

by Lamara Davis on Jan 23, 2023

A Whole Heart 2.0 :: Valentines 2023

I thought my heart was whole but, I was soooooo wrong. In May of 2018, I debuted a necklace called the Whole Heart Necklace. It was a jewelry piece that represented my desire to be whole and not allow the damage from past & failed relationships to cripple me from being able to receive love again. I was so excited to share that story and this jewelry piece with all of you. Little did I know at that time, my heart was still not where it needed to be on this journey towards healing. I was entering into what would become, one of the worst relationships I had ever been in. I thought I was ready to date, but I was so far from it. I pulled the Whole Heart Necklace off the website as I silently battled with weight loss, depression, anxiety and low self esteem. I hit a bad place personally and the bad relationship cycle was repeating itself, but this time it felt worse. I began a serious commitment to going to therapy and doing my best to separate myself from a toxic relationship that lasted far too long. It wasn’t until I began to get serious about my walk with Christ that the true healing began. There were so many layers to my broken heart that were deeper than I realized and it wasn’t something that therapy alone could fix. It’s easy to say I am a Christian, but while I was seeking these relationships from men to feel loved, special, and important, I had no real relationship with Christ Jesus. 

I began working on my relationship with Christ. A real one. Not one where I pray when things are bad or only welcome Him in when I need something. I became focused on learning what it meant to invite Him into my heart and life daily. It was through my relationship with Christ and the self work I committed to doing, like focusing daily to not go back to toxic situations, focusing my energy on my son and God, journaling about what I wanted my future husband to be like, going to therapy every two weeks for almost two years and having Crazy Faith that my Godly husband existed. Having a man that would love the Lord, love me and love my son with none of these being negotiable.

This year for Valentine's day, I wanted to share a real love story. A story of a woman choosing to love herself which meant prioritizing the relationships in her life. That is my story. I write this 5 years later as I now sit in confidence to release the Whole Heart Necklace and keep it on the website because I know I am whole because Christ is in His rightful position in my life. I am also excited to share that God was so faithful! In September 2022 I GOT MARRIED!!!!! I am married to an amazing man who loves God, loves me and he loves my son as if he were his own. These are the things I prayed for and God was soooooo faithful to me. 

This is to encourage you that during this Valentine's Day season and beyond, focus on the health of YOUR HEART. We all deserve to have love from a man, that’s what Christ wants for us.  As I release this necklace this time, my hope for the women who purchase it is that every time you look at it, you will see your heart whole and healed.

Whole Heart Necklace

Feel free to go back to the older post and you will see the growth for sure. I thought I had it figured out but, I was still a mess lol.  Here is the link

I have also included photos of my big day! We kept it really simple but, were surrounded by so much love from close friends and family.





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  • Cori
    Feb 06, 2023 at 12:26

    I love this story & so happy you shared it with us! ❤️


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